About the KP Poll

Our Mission:

The KP Poll is our system of ranking the world's best Apex Legends teams. We aim to be a representative sample for the opinions of the greater Apex Legends community.

How is it all calculated?

The formula is derived directly from the AP Polls for NCAA sports rankings. We have a hand picked selection of panelists who have been determined knowledgable of the scene by a small council. These panelists fill in weekly ballots with their personal selections for 1st-25th place in the world based on results in both online and LAN Apex Legends tournaments. It is up to the individual voter to determine how important differing calibers of tournaments are when filling in their ballots.

A personal ballot awards points to teams based on their place on the ballot. A 1st place vote awards 25 points to the team, 2nd place awards 24 points, descending all the way to a 25th place vote which earns 1 point. All points amongst the ballots are summed up into a final tally where the top 25 teams earn their spots in the rankings.


Apex Legends is chaos and we are trying to put rankings on it. We encourage varying voting philosophies amongst our panelists. The essence of this list is how strong teams are performing at this moment & given that how well they would do in a LAN environment right now. Panelists rank the teams on their honest perception of their strength and how they would perform in an LAN environment. They do their best to leave their personal biases off the ballot. This list assumes teams are performing at LAN so teams currently in qualifying spots should be favored, but feel free to include teams in competition for qualification spots. LAN spots aren't awarded until the end of the split.

Remember the smaller regions!! This is a global list and not every top team in the bigger regions can make it. Voters do not need to be well perfectly versed in the smaller regions but are informed to keep in mind their top teams because they will be at LAN. Voters do not need to follow every PL match. Team information and statistics will help!

Things to consider:

Can anybody be a voter?

The only people who cannot be a voter are those who are on a current ALGS Pro League roster as a player, coach, analyst, manager, or substitute. This is to avoid obvious conflicts of interest.

How do I become a voter?

We reach out to offer voting privileges to a select few community members who are consistent contributors to the Apex Legends scene in various ways based on or own discretion. Look for a Reddit post in the offseason where we will take applicants to be on the panel for ALGS year 4 and onwards!

Business Inquiry?

Please contact ApexWorldRankings@gmail.com

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