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Teams w/their Top Ranker from Y4S1W2

Team Logo Favorable Panelist Panelist's Rank Panelist's Comment
Team Falcons Team Falcons aviles99 1 Clearly looking like the best team in the game. Zero's calling and gameplay looks as good as usual, Sikez seems to be fitting in and Gen looks more loose. This seems to be the best looking DZ in a while
TSM TSM WarriorC4JC 1 The experience and consistency never fails where it counts. They never fail to rise to the top in an International level.
Aurora Gaming Aurora Gaming Hugometeo 1
Fnatic Fnatic aluka___ 2 YukaF is a real goat
Luminosity Luminosity karbasher- 2 Sweet seems to be adapting to Meta changes quicker than TSM, time to see how long it stays that way
Not Moist Not Moist aviles99 3 Even with the contest they are doing very well and deserve to be rewarded in the rankings. Teams looks scary, feels a little high because still contested and a bad day in contests can be problematic, especially now that SKRT is moving to Overlook too
Boogie Boarders Boogie Boarders Jean9430 3 Top of their PL region and winning at FFL #2
NRG NRG Raileyx 4 surprising pick given their performance, but I truly believe in this roster. On paper, they should farm. I need to see a comeback now, or else...
Legends Gaming Legends Gaming ametorablk 4
Spacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming TONYPIKACHU 4
O7 O7 WarriorC4JC 4 despite rocky moments this team breathes consistency and experience. If anyone can lift the trophy for EMEA it is Gnaske.
Riddle Riddle ghettodanny141 4 2 very good first placements
Weibo Gaming Weibo Gaming aluka___ 5 APAC-S's dark horse
Furia Furia EpochV2 5
Disguised Disguised WarriorC4JC 5 look, I really think that it is only up from here. This team has great LAN results and tons of talent. There is room for improvement but they have what they need (like a coach) to do that. They just need to lock in and go to work.
Elev8 Gaming Elev8 Gaming porcupine9627 6 So glad that Shooby finally got a competent shooter and coach by his side, kind wished they had a decent IGL tho
OpTic Gaming OpTic Gaming tom_esportsgg 7 Still; believe but it's clear they are struggling (by OpTic standards) in the current meta vs the previous one they got 2nd at Champs in.
Natus Vincere Natus Vincere jurornumbereight 7
Mkers Mkers Bereft13 9 fell off hard for the second set but that's a consequence of the back to back sets. this is why we needed 8 slots
Les cités de France Les cités de France hannahmariezt 9
Crazy Raccoon Crazy Raccoon SoggyEducation2231 10 I like this guys, fan favorites.
Passion UA Passion UA Tobric93 10
Complexity Complexity Comma20 10 1% over E8 on my calculations. Who'd have thought we'd see Col up here.
Alliance Alliance jurornumbereight 10
MDY White MDY White aluka___ 11 MDYW looks unstable for me
Team Liquid Alienware Team Liquid Alienware Jean9430 11 They're a better team than their tech problems suggest
EXO Clan EXO Clan JevvyMedia 12
Serenity Serenity Global_Painter1020 12 Serenity now! People will forget they played as a duo their first gameday. I won't.
EVOS PREDATOR EVOS PREDATOR SoggyEducation2231 12 Does the lighting only hit once? Will see
FaZe FaZe tom_esportsgg 15
Blacklist International Blacklist International Hugometeo 16 hannahmariezt 18
ex Kinotrope Gaming ex Kinotrope Gaming Hugometeo 18
Made in Heaven Made in Heaven zorkork 20
9Lies Esports 9Lies Esports Hugometeo 20
Drop-In Gaming Drop-In Gaming JevvyMedia 22
Forge Forge Hugometeo 22
Aggressive Gamers Lunging Aggressive Gamers Lunging aluka___ 23
Love & Peace Love & Peace EpochV2 23
aNc Outplayed aNc Outplayed Comma20 23 PLP of EMEA. Strong Macro, not enough killing.
The Full English The Full English karbasher- 23 starting to look up, improvements each match day
DreamFire DreamFire tom_esportsgg 24
Red Rams Red Rams EpochV2 24
Skrt Skrt WarriorC4JC 24 This team is stacked with two match point winners despite the lackluster performance so far I won’t count them out. The big question mark for me is the third that appears to be a standard CC roller with few achievements so far. This team has potential that only time will tell whether they can capitalize on it.
Nessy Nessy Jean9430 25 thin ice
Sentinels Sentinels zorkork 25
cybercats cybercats hannahmariezt 25
Heroez Heroez Comma20 25 Discount Lightning Unicorn. Might be over-rated though. Could be getting away with placement because of all the kill heavy teams.